9 thoughts on “Zaļā vārna (Roller)

  1. Plate Records / Letttunes Music presents

    Zaļā vārna
    Coracias Garrulus
    die Blauracke

    The Roller Roc Revue

    Lettish Americana for All Peoples
    Acoustically Sound Lettish Electrofolk for Global Outreach
    Tuneful Time-Traveling Adventures in Euro-African Ethno-Ornithology
    Flying Straight from the Land of the Letts
    Such the Ephemeral Artifacts of Life
    Bioethical Ethnomusic for Discriminating Rockers
    A One-Stop Mom-and-Pop Live Music Shop

    Serving songs righting wrongs

    Role models:

    Edmunds Račinskis
    Temple Grandin
    Peter Gabriel
    Pēters Brūvers
    Howard Buten
    Pussy Riot

    The Messiah:
    Anna Breytenbach

  2. iepazīstoties “Vakars zied” (A.Apīnis) instrumentāls
    “From deep in your eyes” (A.Apīnis/A.Kārklis)
    “Ad Dianem” (U.Prauliņš/T.Campion)
    “Break of dawn” (Apīnis/Kārklis)
    “Vientulības kareivis” (V.Atāls)
    atvadoties “Vakars zied” (A.Apīnis) instrumentāls

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